hey jonas brothers and glee fans, i gots a job for you.

my passion in life is writing. i love it.
and for now, to get some practice, i write fanfiction. mostly jonas and glee.
check it out? i only have 13 followers :(

not posting tonight, sorry.

or tomorrow.
don’t hate us!
my personal computer is being extremely slow and won’t open anything so i’m on my dad’s computer.
we’ll post on monday, pinky promise.
love you!
- rachel

hi guys!

our follower count has been dropping steadily.
i promise that i’ll make some definitions after dinner.
and i’ll queue some up for tomorrow, cause veronica and i will be at the starship screening!
love you all ♥
- rachel


i just realized how to get to this.

thanks rummage sale(aka rachel)

;) btw. wish there were a way to capitalize numbers because 131 is AWESOME!


okay you guys i think you should reblog my apology post.

i made a mistake and i’m sorry.
my klaine post was supposed to say one of the first, not the first. okay.
i’m sorry.

20 facts about rachel.

  • music and writing are my passions.
  • i have horrible self-esteem issues.
  • darren everett criss amazes me and my love for him grows every day.
  • my favorite things in the world are: darren criss, jonas brothers, glee, music, writing. (then of course friends, family, etc. but that’s implied)
  • i’m a sophomore in high school.
  • i attend barrington high school, where william beckett and adam siska from the academy is… attended a few years before.
  • i deal with a lot of stress and drama every day of my life.
  • i have a strange sense of humor.
  • demi lovato is my inspiration.
  • i cry easily.
  • i struggle with spanish and math in school.
  • tumblr is my absolute escape from reality.
  • i’m a huge supporter of gay rights.
  • i absolutely adore photography.
  • i dislike drinking milk and eating corn.
  • i get sick when i eat things off the bone.
  • i love rollercoasters.
  • i have an intense fear of anything gymnastics related.
  • i enjoy the little things.
  • i’m agnostic. i do not deny nor accept the existance of god. i don’t know.

i think after i do the dishes i’m gonna do a little about me post.

nobody will read it anyway tho so.
- rachel